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V Media is a marketing and public relations firm based in Santa Fe, New Mexico. We are experienced communicators, creative thinkers, and nimble networkers. We help our clients define messages, tell stories, and connect with audiences that matter. If you’re ready to build your brand and grow your business, talk to us about our services and how we can help. Led by principal Jennifer Villela, who has more than 25 years experience working in the communications field, we work to amplify your voice and successfully reach your target audiences by employing numerous marketing strategies and tactics to tell your unique story.


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Public Relations

Arts PR

In the world of museums, galleries, and performing arts, the successful implementation of public relations is essential to driving traffic to exhibitions and events, increasing awareness of artists, and increasing sales of artwork. Journalists and media outlets who cover the arts are always looking for the latest news to share with those who follow the creative world. We will connect you.

Events PR

Special Events are a great way to showcase your business, product or service. Current events are timely and newsworthy and often make great news stories. We can help you increase attendance to your event through a number of proven public relations practices.

Crisis PR

We develop crisis public relations plans for organizations in order to provide a very clear road map for how to manage the media during many types of crisis scenarios. These are thoughtful plans that provide specific and detailed instruction about who manages what tasks during a crisis and provides messaging that provides a safeguard to being unprepared in the event of an emergency.

Media Kit Development

We design interesting and informative media kits that summarize your business, product, service, or event and serve as a “one-stop-shop” for media contacts when they need quick access to the most important information about your company. This includes your major messages, recent press releases, photos, and b-roll.

Media Fam Tours

V Media organizes media familiarization tours so that journalists can see experience your business or organization firsthand, Journalists who embark on a successful media FAM tend to write longer stories, better researched pieces, and produce a larger quantity of stories. That’s because we are give them a chance to live your product, not just tell them what is great about it. And as a result, they are passing that experience on to their readers, time and time again.

Media Training

We can assist your company and your employees learn how to interact with the media according to best practices determined for this important exchange of information. We share valuable knowledge about acceptable ways to contact and communicate with different media outlets, how to prepare answers to possible questions, avoid common mistakes, and focus on delivering key messages in a timely and professional manner.

National & Local Media Contacts

V Media has a roster of national and local media contact who cover a variety of industries, including arts, culture, travel, tourism, business, and non-profits. We also subscribe to a media database that gives us access to more than 1 million writers, bloggers, and broadcast hosts. We are targeting our press releases and stories to the appropriate media, turning to long-standing relationships on your behalf as well as continually developing new ones.

Community Relations

V Media advises about tried and true methods your company can harness to establish and maintain a mutually beneficial relationship within the community in which you operate. Building relationships with other companies and organizations is a way to be part of the greater good, a way to find explore mutual goals, to provide support to non-profits and youth groups, connect with city councilors and state legislators, and subsequently building your public image and raise the profile of your business.

Engage Audiences

Marketing & Advertising

engaging interactions

Marketing Tactics

V Media implements a variety of marketing tactics to meet strategic marketing goals, including email marketing, blog post writing, social media management, the management of videography and photography projects on your behalf, developing paid media plans for advertising buys, and consultation on best digital marketing channels.  

digital & traditional


As a part of a larger mix of marketing tactics, V Media consults on advertising buys, which supports the overall marketing strategy, and is a marketing tactic that offers many options to reach target audiences. Using paid media as a way to promote your company or service necessitates the need to clearly define business goals, find the right media mix, frequency and reach target demographics repeatedly. We can help!

On-Demand CMO

Strategic Consulting

Strategic Marketing Plans

V Media develops strategic marketing plans that help businesses set marketing goals, understand key performance indicators, solidify brand elements, understand target markets, prioritize and shape messages, and identify the most effective marketing mechanisms to grow awareness, drive traffic to your event, storefront, website and subsequently increase revenue. We remain engaged, collaborative and provide creative solutions for the success of your business.

Strategic Public Relations Plans

A great public relations campaign begins with a solid plan, that defines goals and objectives, identifies target audiences, develops key messages, and determines outlines strategies and tactics. Investing time to build a robust PR plan will help us keep our eyes on your company’s big picture and provide structure for the day-to-day work that inches you ever closer to your end goal.

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